American origin FIREYE is under the umbrella of United Technologies Group hosts (UTC), which is a global giant in the burner and combustion control.

FIREYE burner control systems, for all domestic and industrial users has been serving a wide range of areas. FIREYE has featured products, including burner control systems, flame supervision, auxiliary combustion systems, low emission combustion systems, are easy, safe, reliable and economically used.

Serving for over 60 years FIREYE, accurate and reliable choice, with the special edition is also designed according to customer requirements on control of combustion and offers guaranteed solutions.

Forney Corporation

FORNEY has been established on 1927 by R.H.Forney, to produce various types of burners for power plants, FORNEY has shown activity of research and development and design, as the world's first remote burner control systems amd owen security systems, in the 1950s.

In 1960, again as a world first, FORNEY, burner control systems, "solid state" electronic components have started to use.

In 1983, Forney, rapidly increasing its field of services for channel type burners (Duct Burners), package burners, burner flame monitoring systems, burner igniters and burner control systems, worldwide company gained considerable manufacturers by its own design and technology.